Custom laser cutting
Oak sign with black acrylic logo on pink background
Maple sign with white acrylic logo lasercut on pegboard
Bamboo sign with dog logo in white acrylic with rattan fan
Eucalyptus Laser cut sign with white text on pink background
Bamboo logo sign with beech wood design on pegboard
Bamboo sign hanging from cord with black dog logo
cupcake logo on pink acrylic hanging from cord
white acrylic stacked sign with wooden wall
White acrylic layered sign with oak design circle
Hanging layered sign on a door next to an exit sign

Circle Layered Sign

A custom laser cut wooden sign with a layered logo. The perfect addition to your cafe, shop or business.

Material: Veneer Wood and Acrylic
Engraving: Cut Logo
Small: 125x125mm
Medium: 195x195mm
Large: 250x250mm
XLarge: 295x295mm