Custom laser cutting
A frosted acrylic drink tag engraved with the text DRUNK IN LOVE on a wine glass
Frosted drink tag on a wine glass, the tag is engraved with the wording L & K 07.03.2020
Clear Acrylic Drink Tag
Frosted Save the Date Drink Tags
Frosted Engagement Drink Tags
Close up of acrylic drink tags

Acrylic Drink Tags

Custom laser cut acrylic drink tags, perfect to add a special touch to your birthday, engagement party, wedding, or function.

Material: 3mm Acrylic
Engrave: Single Sided
Size: 30mm with one 2.5mm width slot to sit on a glass

Your tags will arrive with a protective layer of paper or plastic on both sides, please remove this to reveal your final product and wash before use.

If you would like to add a pop of colour to your drink tags purchase a POSCA Paint Pen